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Well behaved women seldom make history.
Slut Shaming, Feminism, and Tattoos


by Joanne Ogilvie, Guest Writer


Source: Bluestockings Magazine

[Image description: The graphic consists of a light turquoise ribbon against a purple background. The text on the ribbon reads, “No Slut Shaming.”]

It’s only 10:30 am, and I have already read two tweets and two…

Singledom: The Art of Being Free


by Levi Caudill, Guest Writer


Source: Keepcalm-O-Matic

[Image description: Against a red background with a white crown on top, the text reads, in white letters, “I’m single and I like it.”]

My name is Levi Caudill and I was born and raised in Kansas. When I turned 30, I decided to…

Keira Knightley photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue (October 2012)

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Game of Thrones Bookend – What better to hold the volumes of George R.R. Martin than the Iron Throne itself.